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Online Dating: 22 Tips for Success

Finding no success at online dating? We have 22 tips on how to succeed at online dating from Blossoms | Cherry Blossoms Dating. Blossoms | Cherry Blossoms Dating is the company that started the phenomenon of International Filipino and Asian Dating,

Tip no. 1

Make the first move.

Our members are flattered when they receive your emails and requests to chat, as so many of them are frustrated by sending hundreds of email messages, with only a few replying.

If you are interested in a profile, reach out! Send smiles! Send well-thought-out messages. Members who send more smiles and messages will be more likely to get noticed and connected faster.

Tip no. 2

Don’t reply to offensive messages.

Be aware from the moment you sign up that you will receive messages that might be abrupt, crude, or too forward from members who lack social skills. The best way to deal with these offensive messages is not to reply, not even with a polite no.

Reply to members that have put a little thought and effort into writing their message. We strongly recommend that you connect with the members who have read your profile, as you have theirs.

Tip no. 3

Reply promptly.

To find success with online dating, reply with personalized messages rather than generic one-liners. Read their profile and reference it in your message. Research suggests that playing hard to get does not work, so reply within a reasonable time.

Tip no. 4

Don’t ghost.

In online dating, ghosting is the practice of ending all communication and contact with a potential partner, friend, or regular date without any apparent warning or justification and subsequently ignoring any attempts to reach out or communicate made by the said partner, friend, or individual.

Instead of ghosting someone, say, “I feel like we have no real connection. I wish you the best of luck in your search.”

Tip no. 5

Take it gracefully.

Be the bigger person when faced with rejection. Thank them for taking the time to respond to you, and gracefully wish them well. Don’t push, especially if they have made their wishes known.

Tip no. 6

Be wary of fake profiles.

How many photos are uploaded? Fake people with fake profiles do not want to get caught by uploading too many stolen profile pictures. Members with real dating profiles will upload a collection of photos to showcase their personalities and hobbies.

Blossoms Dating | Cherry Blossoms Dating has vetting and safety measures to ensure that the person behind the profile is not an impersonator but be aware of the possibility of romance scams.

Tip no. 7

Focus on what you want.

To quote the Professor of Love, “Loving is the Master’s Course of Life. It is the day-to-day, the moment by moment progressive act of focusing on what you want.”

Tip no. 8

Spend time.

Spend time inside Blossoms Dating. Select 30 minutes or longer and pick a time of day when you can devote your full attention to the process of scrolling through online profiles. Your online dating searches will be successful if you give each new potential partner your undivided attention, even while examining other profiles.

Tip no. 9

Know the time.

Be mindful of a member’s time zone by clicking on “current time” on their profile.

Tip no. 10

Make a checklist.

Make a checklist of the qualities that you are looking for in a partner. These criteria will help narrow down your potential matchups.

Tip no. 11

Check your inbox

Your “Top 22 Matches” are sent to you regularly. We regularly send updates to your registered email address, so turn your notification settings on.

Tip no. 12

Don’t substitute online communication for the real thing.

Try to video-chat with your potential partner relatively early, before you have formed an inaccurate view of the person. Compatibility cues surface in face-to-face communication.

Blossoms Dating has “Ask me to make a video” and “Click to make your video” features that you can utilize to ensure that the person behind the profile is authentic.

Tip no. 13

Be realistic.

You may overlook or avoid a potential matchup if you believe that the perfect soulmate is out there somewhere for you. You might pass on members who do not meet your criteria on paper but might prove compatible in person. If you think your matches are limited, try widening or changing your search filters. For example, try changing the age range, ethnicity, or religious affiliation of potential partners. Be open.

Tip no. 14

Tweak your photos.

If you are not getting enough matches, change your main profile photo. If you uploaded a photo of you not wearing a smile, change it immediately. Make sure your picture is current and shows you at your best. Your profile photo should be a close-up of you smiling warmly. Check out this video on how to upload great profile pictures:

Tip no. 15

Express your authentic self.

Write a fair and honest ad/text to represent who you are. Do not be afraid to express who you are, what you love doing, and what you want. An attractive person is confident enough to reveal their thoughts and feelings, is comfortable in their skin, and knows what they want. Do not fill your Blossoms Dating profile with lies. Doing so means that you are not living or sharing your truth.

Tip no. 16

Visit the Public Chat Room.

Engage with “chatters” in real-time. Please remember to interact in English since there are members of different nationalities in the chat room.

Tip no. 17

When in doubt, don’t.

Feel free to contact our 24/7Support Team or our Blossoms Dating Team if you have concerns about your account or that of someone else’s. Please note that we cannot and will not disclose data.

Tip no. 18

Always practice the Golden Rule of Netiquette, which suggests that we do to others as we would have them do to us, even when online.

Tip no. 19

Remember FORD.

FORD is an acronym that stands for:
Use the FORD technique to make small talk easy. Think of a couple of questions for each category and use them to strike up a conversation with members.

Tip no. 20

Be positive.

You will come across as a person who can not let go of the past when you list a string of what you do not want in a relationship. It is a major turnoff. Ensure that the tone of your profile is upbeat. There will be plenty of time to slowly reveal the complexities of your life to a potential partner later. Your requirements should be about character and values, not height, weight, or income. Eventually, a person will read your profile and say, “Yes, that is me!”

Tip no. 21

Stay positive.

You should be with a person who can reflect deep, genuine love for you, whether you meet them in real life or online.

Tip no. 22

Give love. Get love.

You have the power to attract love. When we speak positively of love, we align ourselves to the frequency of having a truly loving relationship. Give love first to others, and you will receive love back.

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