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Why choose Cherry Blossoms as a name for an international online dating site?

Cherry blossoms are indigenous to Asian countries. Cherry blossoms are linked with spring, a time of renewal, and the impermanent and fleeting nature of life. The cherry blossom is a universally celebrated flower in Asian countries. Cherry blossoms originated in the Himalayan Mountains of China and arrived in Japan until the Tang dynasty more than 1,100 years ago. It holds a prominent status in Japanese culture and is honored as its unofficial national flower for many centuries.

Optimism is a symbolic meaning attached to cherry blossoms, again related to the flowers’ short-lived nature. They are a metaphor for renewal and beauty, regardless of how difficult life gets. They also remind us that even something as enchanting, exalted, and majestic as the cherry blossoms don’t last forever, so we should live and love to the fullest and make good use of the opportunities that appear in our lives.

In Japan, cherry blossoms were also closely tied to Samurai traditions. Samurai were perceived as both brave and noble – the cherry blossom tree reflects this through its juxtaposing elements of a solid and steady trunk and delicate, fragile flowers. The Samurai were also aware that their lives could be cut short at any moment and had to treat death with acceptance – which again refers back to the cherry blossom’s short-lived flowers. There is an old tale attributed to this tree that values sacrifice. There was once a Jiu-roku-zakura (the Cherry tree of the Sixteenth day) in Japan’s Iyo district. For over a hundred years, this mythical tree grew on the land owned by a brave and honorable Samurai. The tree began to wither and die during the Samurai’s old age. He came up with an idea to save the tree’s life since he felt a kinship to the centuries-old tree. He sat under the tree, committed ritual suicide, and gave his life’s essence to it. Within one hour of the Samurai’s death, the tree began to blossom on the 16th day of the month and continues to thrive today. 

The cherry blossom tree harbors many spiritual beliefs set deep within the fundamental teachings of Buddha. From a Buddhist perspective, cherry blossoms are metaphors for human existence and its ephemeral nature. They caution us of the fleeting nature of life since the flowers bloom for such a short period each year. It has parallels with the Buddhist themes of mortality, mindfulness, and living in the present moment.

The meaning of cherry blossoms is different in China than in Japan, though the flower has no less symbolic value. It’s considered symbolic of power in China – most often feminine beauty, power, and sexuality.

Cherry blossoms, from a Chinese standpoint, also symbolize beauty, life, and good luck. According to the Chinese vocabulary of herbs, cherry blossoms mean love. Therefore, it is a symbol of life and love in this country.

In Korea, cherry blossoms have the meaning of purity and beauty.

Cherry blossoms originated in the Himalayan Mountains of China and arrived in Japan until the Tang dynasty more than 1,100 years ago. Today, we can find cherry blossoms in the U.S., Brazil, China, Denmark, England, France, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, the Philippines, South Korea, Spain, and more.

So, why choose the name for an international online dating site?

Before evolving into the Cherry Blossoms Online Dating Site, Cherry Blossoms was started as a picture catalog magazine-style introduction service of Ridge Consultants in 1974. The magazine primarily featured beautiful women from Asia. Today, it currently operates in over a hundred countries, with a strong presence in China, South America, and Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines. When CB Mike bought the company in 1995 and started developing it into an international online dating website, he decided to keep the name (successful members fondly shortened it to and trademarked Cherry Blossoms Dating. A tribute to the worldwide phenomenon of dating Filipino and Asian women that the magazine began. As his Support and Dating Team endearingly call CB Mike, the Professor of Love is a firm believer in the “Magical and Mystical Side of Life and Love.” There is nothing more magical and more mystical than the balayong (Filipino)beot-kkot (Korean), 樱花 (Chinese), cerisiers (French), kersenbloesems (Dutch), sakura (Japanese), the CHERRY BLOSSOMS. It is a worldwide symbol of feminine beauty, mindfulness, optimism, sensuality… of life and love.

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