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Filipina: 22 Attractive Qualities

What is it about a Filipina woman that makes her attractive to foreign men looking for love and marriage? We heard our members consistently declare that the innate desire to serve and care for their loved ones is the primary reason why they sought women born in the Philippines or with Filipino ethnicity for love and marriage. Many of them also emphasized that Filipinas have bubbly personalities and look younger than their actual age.

We have almost fifty years’ worth of member’s opinions about Filipinas. Still, we have listed the top 22 qualities of a Filipina woman mentioned in profiles and testimonials. These qualities are what captivated our members, prompting them to join Blossoms Dating.


Filipinas are stunningly beautiful. “Most Filipinas can survive a typhoon and still look beautiful,” commented a member from Canada.


Similar to other Asian cultures, Filipinos put family first. Filipinas are incredibly selfless, generous, and dedicated to their families. A former member married for ten years to a Filipina said, “For the most part, their culture is genuinely good. Family comes first, and respect is fundamental.”

High Regard for Marriage

Filipinas believe in the sanctity of marriage. Divorce is not allowed in the Philippines.

Proficient in English

76% of Filipinos understand English because people in the Philippines start studying English as early as kindergarten. They watch American TV shows and Hollywood movies, and they speak English with a neutral accent. A Filipina will practice her English communication skills with you until she becomes fluent.


Filipinas don’t want to waste their energy, passion, and time with a man who isn’t serious. Most Filipina singles’ profiles on state that they are looking for an understanding, serious, and mature man.

Open to Dating Older Men

Filipino women tend to look for emotional maturity, financial stability, and life-long commitment, characteristics that an older man may have.


As one member married to a Filipina for 15 years pointed out, “They will love you as you have never been before.”


Showing respect is a core part of Philippine culture. Filipino families teach their children to be respectful the day they learned to speak. Filipinos often use certain gestures and honorifics when speaking to those who are older or of higher status. In the Philippines, calling someone older by their first name is considered impolite.


Filipinas understand western culture as they have been exposed to it all their lives.


A member who found his match on our dating site commented that “My girlfriend is very loving and affectionate and expresses her feelings verbally and physically. And she wants to hold hands all the time, even when my hand is sweaty from all that tropical heat.”


Filipinas appreciate their husbands and take an interest in the things they passionately pursue.


“My fiancĂ© has been helping me research my projects, and she will continue to work with me once we’re married. We both had to go to the opposite sides of the world to find each other online,” declared a retired teacher in his testimonial.


“As a French-American, I love candlelit evenings, sunsets and sunrises, lovemaking on a mountain top, taking a walk in the tropical rains, and then going inside to a bedside blessed with fruits and other appetizers. Happily, I married a very romantic Philippine woman, and she has made all these come true,” boasted a member from Connecticut, USA.

Charming Smile

One member from California waxed poetic about his girlfriend from the Philippines, “When I first saw her I lost sight of everything else, her charming smile broke down all my walls, when I wake she’s there in my heart, and when I’m sleeping she’s there in my dreams.” And another member from the UK said, “My wife smiles when she’s happy, smiles when sad, smiles when furious at me, and well, she just smiles by default.”

Hospitable and Gracious

Filipinos are famous for being hospitable and gracious. They know how to treat guests like kings and queens.


Filipinos tend to be economical and creative, and they will first try to recycle before throwing something away.


A proud American husband said, “My ‘Pinay’ has a great sense of humor. As a happy ‘Pinay,’ she can laugh off with a business-as-usual attitude in any seemingly difficult situation.”


“My wife is special, a very loving and caring Filipina committed to her husband for life,” wrote a smitten member from Australia.

God Fearing

“I fell in love with a Christian woman from the Philippines who encourages me to be more Godly,” recalled a member who described himself as selfless in his profile.


A former member has observed that his Filipina wife of 8 years “remembers birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. She goes out of her way to get or make a gift. Her favorite motto is: It’s the thought that counts, and she really does make it count.”

Well Groomed

“I’m seeking to marry a woman with immaculate cleanliness and grooming, real natural health and beauty. And, I’m sure that as a Filipina, you already have these qualities. You’d be perfect for me if you have long hair.” wrote a new member from the USA in his profile.


Filipinos put a premium on love and relationships. Most Filipinas do not mind their future husbands’ culture or race.

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