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International Online Dating 101

International Online Dating 101: Everything you need to know about finding love and marriage abroad with foreign women.

Women are complicated, men are complex, but we’re all governed by basic social rules and norms.

Blossoms Dating Team


Learn more about their culture as much you can. An online cultural atlas is a great way to discover further the customs and traditions of other nations.


Communicating online can be challenging. Your online date may not get some of the subtle nuances of your jokes or comments. Read what they have written, and know the woman behind the profile before getting more determined and flirty. You may think you’re playful, but she may think you’re a complete fool.


You’d be surprised how many people are rude while communicating online. Always treat women with respect: no insults, no inappropriately sexual comments, no disrespect. You’ll have more engaging chats, and you’ll get to know each other better. Communicating well is a critical contributing factor to numerous success stories of biracial couples.


Earn some brownie points by learning some words and phrases in your online date’s native tongue. Not everyone is fluent in English, but Filipina women are more conversant in the language than most. Add a few Filipino words and phrases to your vocabulary, and your Pinay online sweetheart will think you’re ‘matipuno.’


First used by the US Navy in the 60s, the KISS principle (“keep it simple, stupid!”) is an excellent rule of thumb when applied to international online dating. For example, Thais are ‘indirect’ communicators and are highly unlikely to say anything that may hurt or offend you directly. Instead, the women from Thailand may use vague responses or try to change the subject. So start by asking them easy, uncomplicated, and generic questions.


You’re dating foreigners, so of course, everything is different. When your online relationship with a Chinese woman is new, it is an excellent idea to restrain your own adverse opinions about China. Most Chinese are very proud of their country’s long history of achievements and would be offended by your sharp criticism of it.


If you do compliment her looks, make it personal. Beauty standards are different across the world, and telling an Asian woman she’s beautiful can be such a generic compliment that it occasionally comes across as a bit insincere. The most straightforward and most sincere compliment on earth is to tell your potential online partner that you enjoy her company.


It’s never ideal to begin a relationship based on lies. It would help if you left it up to your potential Asian date to see past your flaws and accept you for who you are. What’s the point of faking it when you are looking for true love?

Are you?

True love is one of the strongest emotions, and you deserve it. You have the entire world to look for your true love. Start your international online dating journey now by going through profiles of foreign singles looking for the same thing.

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