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Simple: Why Do Filipinas Use This Word?

Why do Filipinas invariably use the word “simple” to describe themselves in their online dating profiles? Here are several reasons why they often do.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word simple as follows:

  1. free from guile: innocent
  2. free from vanity: modest
  3. free from ostentation or display
  4. of humble origin or fair position
  5. lacking in knowledge or expertise
  6. lacking in intelligence: stupid
  7. not socially or culturally sophisticated: naive
  8. free from elaboration or figuration
  9. readily understood

The native Tagalog word for the English ‘simple‘ is payak. Payak usually refers to being plain, stark, ingenious, unpretending, or inelaborate. 

A Tagalog word simple,  pronounced ‘seem-PLEH‘ translates in English as austere, has no adornment.

Most Filipino women translate the Tagalog term simple (seem-PLEH) to the English term simple (ˈsimpəl), thinking that it means: 

  1. Easily understood or done
  2. Presenting no difficulty, not difficult
  3. Plain, essential, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without much ornamentation.

“Meanings are in people, not in words.”

Communication Principle

Most Filipina singles describe themselves as ‘simple‘ in their Blossoms Dating profiles, and it may be why they are often ignored and overlooked. A member from the U.S. even wrote this in his profile, “Why are all the women here simple?

Well, let’s talk words and their meanings.

Words do not have any inherent meaning.

People give meaning to words, and their meanings change over time.

You can find a word’s ordinary meaning (denotative) in the dictionary. However, the connotative definition of a word is in the user’s community. It can involve an emotional association and can be individual or collective, but is not universal.

When a Filipina uses the word ‘simple‘ to describe herself, she means any of the following: unpretentious, unsophisticated, natural, modest, humble, artless, genuine, and familiar. Filipinos, in general, associate the word ‘simple‘ with a lack of artifice, drama, or being ordinary.

However, for most Americans, the word ‘simple‘ is synonymous with the adjectives ‘simple-minded,’ ‘simpleton,’ or having low or abnormally low intelligence. Filipinas do not use the word ‘simple‘ in this context, especially in their online dating profile.

“I’m simple. I want simple things that money cannot buy.”


“Would it help if you lived a life in poverty to understand the true meaning of simple? A typical Filipina would only dream of having a responsible husband, a house to tend to, and children to care for. The rest she leaves to God. Is that not being simple?”


“Simple is an easy word yet so deep in meaning. I call myself simple in a way that I am thankful, happy, and content with what I have, what I can afford, and what I can do. I set a goal in my life within my means. Nothing extravagant. No jealousy and always happy for the achievements of others.”


‘Simple’ is probably the most overused adjective in most Filipina singles’ online dating profiles. Still, its connotation applies to what these women from the Philippines are describing.

“I’m simple.” 

May mean…

“I come from small beginnings.”

“I’m easy to understand and get along with.”

“I’m humble and ingenious.”

“I’m unpretentious, not high maintenance.”

“I have basic wants and needs.”

Most Filipina women customarily use the word ‘simple‘ in their Blossoms Dating profile because they are simple-hearted’ and are looking for true love. Simple.

P.S. A ‘simple’ Filipina wrote this.

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