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Blossoms Dating Community Guidelines

Our Blossoms Dating Community Guidelines and Terms of Use Agreement ensure every member has a safe, secure, and fun experience on Blossoms Dating. You may lose access to our dating platform if you fail to adhere to these guidelines.

Respect all members.

We’re a very diverse community rooted in care, kindness, and respect. It would help if you behaved the same way on Blossoms Dating as you would in real life. Communicate, engage and interact with other members with respect. We take a strong stance against hate speechrude or abusive behaviorbullying, and misogyny. Our dating site administrators encourage all of our members to report anyone who does not follow these behavioral guidelines. We expect our dating community to respect each other, themselves, and the Blossoms Dating & Support Team.

Form real relationships.

We encourage our members to read profiles, learn about fellow members’ interests, and send a respectful, suitable message to each potential partner. We promise this will improve your chances of engaging in stimulating and meaningful communication and forming genuine long-term relationships.

Upload your own photos.

Please don’t post photos you don’t own. If a picture isn’t yours and you don’t have permission to use it, don’t add it. Don’t use the images of other people or even celebrities. We are strongly opposed to the deceptive practice of catfishing. This is one aspect of the Blossoms Dating Community Guidelines that endeavors to protect you from any potential fraudulent activity.

Blossoms Dating photo moderation guidelines:

  • Your kids shouldn’t be on their own. Your kids are adorable, but they can’t be on your profile picture unless you are in the image, too. Blossoms Dating is for 18+ years. Therefore, we don’t allow kids to be alone in photos, and all children must be fully clothed. This guideline is safer for you and your kids.
  • Photos with family and friends are allowed. But you have to be visible in them because we want to know who you are!
  • Your face must be evident in at least sixty percent of all your profile images. Please do not hide behind your phone or your hair.
  • Your photo should have no watermarks, text overlay, or logos that obscure your face.
  • No heavy editing, please. Images with cute, funny, or unusual stickers using Snapchat filters should not be uploaded as your main profile photo.
  • You should have no personal and sensitive information in your photos. 
  • No nudity or any pornography.
  • Please don’t upload images showing any illegal content, obscene, violent, or offensive materials that are gratuitously shocking, graphic, sadistic, or gruesome.
  • Unless you are a member of the military or law enforcement, please do not upload photos that include guns.
  • Bikini and swimwear photos (for women) and shirtless images (for men) are all right if you are outdoors, for instance, in a pool or at the beach.

Don’t pretend you’re someone else.

As previously stated, do not post photos that are not of you. Do not create duplicate accounts or multiple profiles. You can only have one Blossoms Dating account unless we agree otherwise. We also recommend verifying your identity with our Dating & Support Teams to prove you’re legitimate.

Don’t plagiarize.

Don’t rip off someone else’s online dating profile, no matter how attractive it is. Write your own profile and avoid cutting and pasting or lifting from other websites and online profiles.

Your contact information. 

Please do not share your email address, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Messenger, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Zoom, personal phone number (and other contact details on different messaging apps) anywhere on your Blossoms Dating profile and in your first contact message.

Please don’t do anything illegal on our site.

One of the most important Blossoms Dating Community Guideline is that we will not tolerate any illegal activity. Any proven criminal or malicious act will result in the offending member’s restriction, even banning, from the dating site.

No soliciting.

Blossoms Dating is not an online store. You’ll be banned from the site if you try to use it as a marketplace.

Please report abuse with proof.

Report someone who made you uncomfortable or was threatening or abusive towards you. Please copy and paste the conversation and submit it via the ‘report for abuse’ button. Our Blossoms Dating Support Team will review the profile you flagged. When someone gets reported multiple times in a short period, there is a higher chance that this member’s profile will be blocked from our dating site.

Public Chat Room. 

Members regulate and manage the Public Chat Room. There is only one rule, and that is to be kind and caring to each other. However, please be aware that Blossoms Dating has members of different nationalities, so please communicate in English as much as possible and use proper chat room etiquette.

Read more: Proper Public Chat Room Etiquette

Using a VPN.

When you’re using a VPN to access our online dating site, please inform our Support Team.

Your testimonial.

If you’ve found true love on Blossoms Dating, please leave a testimonial to inspire others. endeavors to be as inclusive as possible in everything we do. Please feel free to express yourself and explore what you want without negatively affecting anyone else.

We employ automated systems and a team of moderators to monitor and review accounts and messages for our Terms of Use Agreement and Blossoms Dating Community Guidelines breaches. Please heed these guidelines, and you’ll never receive a warning (unless our team decides to block or restrict access without warning at our discretion). If you ignore this warning, you risk losing your Blossoms Dating account.