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What Do Our Members Say?

What do our genuine and sincere male members say? Why do single men from all over the world join Blossoms Dating?

“At Cherry Blossoms, women far outnumber the men, so we aren’t hopeless. Essentially the Filipino women are more female, friendly, charming, and open. They seem to be well-groomed, take better care of themselves, and are hot. They are uncomplicated, unspoiled, and normal. You don’t have to be Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to be well-liked. Sometimes, they don’t fill in their profiles, but it’s worth putting in every possible effort to gain their attention.”


“Finally, a good website for finding love! It is better than good, I had occasion to talk with Mike a couple of times during this process, and he was great with knowledge, advice, and encouragement.” 


Growing up interested in Asian cultures, my travels have taken me to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and my favorite… the Philippines! The people, their culture, and food! Fab-you-li-SHUSH! When Filipinos say “time to eat,” YOU’D-BETTER-EAT, or it’ll all be gone…lol! Filipinos are loving, God-fearing, and resilient people. I love that they can always find a good reason to smile. Having family and friends in Manila and other cities makes visiting for me FUN! For the last seven years, Filipino culture has strongly influenced my life. My prayer is to meet a ‘true’ and attractive Filipina with an inner beauty that comes naturally from her soul.”


“I am here because I have always liked Asian women, close family ties, and good family values. I have two grown children I raised with my ex-wife. I am now alone and single and ready to mingle, as they say. My biggest downfall could be that I love long gorgeous silky hair on a woman. Long hair is my weakness, and I’m sure that I will meet somebody special on this site.”


“I have a master’s degree in electrical engineering, with minor degrees in law and psychology. I’m the CEO of a US corporation, brilliant, have a lot to offer, and I’m too proud of myself to waste time with any self-centered American woman. I have no interest in overweight or women over forty because I would like to have one or two more children. I’m interested in a thin Filipina or Asian girl with a nice shape, small boobs, a nice round butt, long hair, and a flat belly, for the same reason. The genes of the wife affect her children. I guess many guys want the same things, though they settle for less. But I will get what I want or stay single. I do good in business by not settling for the second-best. I have been to the Philippines many times, so I know what the Philippines has to offer. It has the best women


I have never been married, and I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my days. I hope I still have many years left in my life, and I would love to spend it with a lovely lady from the Philippines. I have been to the Philippines two times on vacation. The people are special, and they are most kind in helping someone learn about their culture. My cousin is married to a Filipina, and I live very close to them. I want to find a nice Filipina even if she has children, and I like kids.”


“I’m experienced in dating Filipina princesses. My last girlfriend lived in Manila, and I met her here at CB, and I went to meet her after six months of dating. But now, I’m back. I hope to find a girl to travel with me this time.”


“I’m looking for a relationship that leads to marriage. There are so many beautiful women here in CB. I’m ready to marry a woman that will be my best friend and my lover.” 


“I’m planning my first-ever trip to the Philippines this year when they lift the travel ban and Covid-19 restrictions. I’m looking for a lovely lady to be my tour guide and hangout buddy, to show me around and have a good time. Ultimately I’m looking for and hoping to find my forever mate.”


To meet a Filipino woman (not too young!) who loves nature, happy to live in nature, who likes healthy food. I see myself in a house near a beach or the countryside in the Philippines. We would take nice walks, explore the region. A Filipina, an adventure girl, not a princess, a bit wild, sensual, not a know-nothing housewife, and curious. An explorer kind of girl for an explorer like me. I’m a big traveler. I have been to Asia many times, including the Philippines and China. I plan to retire in time under a warmer climate and not in a concrete jungle with my Filipina bride.”


I have spent considerable time in the Philippines, work-related. I know the good and the bad of the Philippines. I love the food, music, and how everyone laughs. But I also know every con and scam, from dying relatives to money for school and cell phone load. I have heard it all. Yet, I want a Filipina for a wife, that’s why I became a member of Blossoms. Filipina women make the best partners.


“I became a member here because a man I met today recommended the Blossoms Dating Site and the experience. He is moving to the Philippines”


“I am a good person, honest, and many people say I am funny. I like Asian women, and it is easier to be myself around them. Most women in the USA are materialistic and selfish. I am tired of it, so I became a member of Cherry Blossoms years ago.” 


“I’m a nice guy, handsome and healthy. I do well in business, and I stay active. I want to meet a pretty, petite, and somewhat younger than me Asian lady who will love me and will let me take care of her as my other half.” 


“I want to fall in love with a Filipina woman. I would love to marry one.” 


“I’m new to this site because I want a loyal Asian woman for my soulmate. I think Asian women are the most beautiful creatures.” 


“My dream is to marry a Filipina and live in the Philippines. The gift of love is God’s greatest gift to man, and I want to share this very precious gift of love with the right woman from the Philippines.” 


“I have spent time in the Philippines and love the Filipino people and culture very much. I have learned much from them that has made me a better and happier person. I need a sexy, sincere, and slim Filipina who desires marriage.” 


“Why am I a member of CB? I’m a neurosurgeon and financially secure. I’m easygoing and straightforward. I enjoy traveling, sports, good food, and family life. I am looking to meet a young, submissive, obedient, and very, very, very open-minded woman from Southeast Asia for marriage.” 


There you have it. These are some of our members’ answers to the question, “Why did you join /” Are you ready to join us?