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Tips for a Successful Online Dating Profile

We’ve reviewed several studies and put together a list of tips for creating a successful online dating profile. Plus, Blossoms Dating has almost 50 years of experience in international online dating. We know what works.

  • Your main profile photo should be a close-up of your face, smiling, not making faces, wearing dark glasses, covering lousy hair or baldness with a hat, and not obscured by a mobile phone or even cute stickers. No one wants to meet ‘Debbie Downer‘ or ‘Gloomy Gus.’ If you’re not welcoming other singles online with a smiling face, they are more inclined to look at the photos of others who are positively beaming. Just think, what draws you to another member’s profile photo?
  • To boost your chances of connecting with other singles, upload at least four photos to your online dating profile. If all it takes is less than a second for someone to determine what they think of you, having no images posted tells them you don’t have anything interesting to share about yourself. They have to be up-to-date photos (take a selfie if you need to). Other singles do not care what you looked like last year or even five years ago. They are examining your images and considering meeting you NOW, as you are.
  • Exaggerating your appearance is also a big no-no. If you are doing any editing on your own, try to keep it to a minimum. Do not go overboard using a photo-editing app.
  • No ‘duck face,’ please. The biggest turn-on is a natural smile. When you take that selfie, think of something that makes you happy so that your smile reaches your eyes. Instead of taking an over-the-shoulder photo or profile shot, face the camera head-on. A potential partner will view you as more trustworthy, open-minded, and sympathetic. Remember the adage, “The eyes are the window into your soul.” Please give them a clear view.  
  • Try to give potential matches a peek into your personality, background, and interests by posting various photos of you doing several things. We’d suggest having a combination of face, full-body, action, dressed up, dressed down, serious, and goofy shots. Show potential dates who you are and give them something to comment on when they want to start communicating with you. You want to give someone a reason to engage with you and ask you a question.
Comic illustration by Maria Scrivan
  • All of your photos should be of good quality, not blurry, too far away, or badly cropped. If most of your other photos are just of you, feel free to add a group photo of you with friends or family. Your dating profile should put the spotlight on you and no one or anything else.
  • There’s a certain level of trust you need to build before you meet someone you’ve met online. There is no reason to lie about your age or upload old photos. Keep your dating profile honest.
  • Keep a positive outlook in writing your profile, and you’ll attract positive responses. For example, let’s assume you’re a bit overweight. In that case, you could write, “If you admire a woman with curves, you’ll relish my looks!”, “I’m a plump huggable man who loves fusion cuisine, and I love to cook, so get ready to be wined and dined frequently.” Or, “I’ve put on a few pounds due to quarantine restrictions, but I’ve recently started working out at home. I’d be interested in meeting someone who could encourage me and might even work out with me via Skype or Zoom.”
  • Write something unique about yourself in your online profile, just because this gives your potential date a conversation starter. For example, “I’m on a plant-based diet. I can share delicious recipes if you are interested.” It’s not silly or absurd to add a detail like this because it keeps your profile interesting. Potential dates could message you and say, “I would like to go on a plant-based diet, too. Would you teach me how!”
  • Don’t limit what you’re looking for by asking for very distinct physical attributes in your profile. Sure, you might prefer someone tall with washboard abs (for the ladies) or petite with long straight hair below the waist (for the gentlemen). But what if your perfect match is someone who notices your profile, then decides not to contact you because they don’t meet the requirements you’ve established? Be open to possibilities by not stating specific physical qualities, narrowing your dating opportunities and profile views.

Now, it’s time to put these tips for a successful online dating profile to good use. Visit Blossoms Dating and create your free profile today!