How to Create a Successful Introduction Video

Want to make a successful introduction video? What are the recommended steps to follow in making a video to attract a steady stream of single women to your profile?

Location is critical. It’s helpful to have an optimal area in mind beforehand and make a few strategic changes to your environment, especially if you’re using your computer’s webcam. Consider these essential things when choosing where to record your introduction video:


Natural light is generally the most flattering, but stepping outside to record your introduction video may not be practical. Traffic noise, wind, barking dogs, and other distracting background noise can make it difficult for the other person to focus on what you’re saying – or even hear you at all.

Indoors, choose a brightly lit room and a location within it where your face isn’t cast in shadow. And if you’re on your laptop or desktop, be mindful of your backdrop.

For instance, if you sit in front of a window with sunshine streaming in, your match may have a hard time seeing you. Sit near the window instead, so your face is well lit instead of backlit.

For maximum effect, position a lighting source in front of you, and experiment with the angle. If it’s shining up at you, it may cause unflattering shadows. Fire up your webcam or phone video to test how you look on screen and adjust the light source as necessary.

If you’re going to be recording an introduction video on your phone, consider investing in one of the many devices that allow you to prop it up, so you can strategically “shelf” your phone and do the call hands-free. In a pinch, a few books can also get the job done.


Eliminate as many potential disruptions and choose a quiet location. If you can help it, avoid barking dogs, blaring TVs, and kids screaming in the background. If you’re in a situation where roommates or children are in your household, try to choose a time when they’re not likely to interrupt.

What’s visible?

Just like in a dating photo, your match will likely notice everything visible about your introduction video – and that’s going to inform their impression of you.

For instance, let’s say you’ve recorded in your home office. In the background are a well-stocked bookshelf, a healthy potted plant, and some framed artwork. Your match will likely intuit that you’ve got an intellectual side, you’re organized enough to keep a plant happy, and you care about the impression your home is making on others.

On the other side of the coin, if your backdrop is a dirty, smudged bare wall, empty takeout containers, and a tower of Mountain Dew cans, your match will likely make some very different assumptions about the kind of life you lead.

Take a moment to evaluate what will be visible on the screen and make adjustments as necessary.

Appearances matter.

It would be best if you gave the impression you care about how you present yourself.

It’s not a bad idea to brush your teeth right before recording. Being 100% certain you’ve got nothing stuck in your teeth is one less thing you need to worry about while you’re talking.

As far as what to wear, remember that your clothing speaks volumes about you. Choose an outfit that’s well-fitting, stain & wrinkle-free, and in good shape. Decent pants are mandatory even if you’re sitting down – you don’t want to embarrass yourself if you have to stand up suddenly.

You’ll also want to dress for the camera. Solid colors tend to be less distracting than busy patterns – especially stripes. Would you mind staying away from fluorescent paints, t-shirts with slogans on them, oversized logos, etc.? Anything that will repeatedly draw your match’s eye isn’t ideal for video because the focus should be on you – not your clothes.

Also, make sure whatever you wear looks good against the background of your chosen location. The last thing you want to do is blend into it and look like a floating head.

Get your angle right.

If you plan to use your laptop or desktop for recording a video, an external webcam will give you more control over the angle and position. 

Eye-level is best.

Using the built-in camera, try positioning your body or laptop to align with your eyes. Then, as you’re chatting, look directly at the camera, giving the illusion of direct eye contact.

What to say?

Introduce yourself as you have in your online dating profile.


Your mindset determines how you experience and understand life and love: positivity breeds positivity, and negativity breeds negativity.

What you look for, you’ll find. 

What you speak of, you’ll think. 

What you think about, you’ll feel. 

What you feel often, you’ll become.

What you are, you attract.

So, be positive.

Source: How To Make Video Chat Your First “Date” (Expert Tips for Success!)