Membership at Blossoms Dating

What Membership Options do I have at Cherry Blossoms?

We offer a range of membership options to meet the individual needs of our members. Some start with a Monthly membership to get a feel for things, some a Quarterly, and others feel the value of the discount associated with a Six Months or Year Membership. The important thing is to choose the Membership option that is right for you.

Can my Membership renew automatically, and further payments are taken?

We offer the option to renew, and it is always and 100% your choice to do so or not. Automatically continuing the Membership provides the member a discount and the ease of ensuring that they don’t experience any disruptions to the services they have signed up for. Furthermore, it’s convenient to change your auto-billing option at any time.

How can I end my paying Membership?

You can end your paying membership by clicking My Account / Membership and then click not to rebill. You can also contact our 24/7 Support Team for assistance.

Can I get a refund if I end my Membership before the subscription period ends?

If a 1st-time member decides in the first day or two that they do not want to do the “heart work” or the “inner work” most needed to find their true love, we’ll provide a full refund. After that, all sales are final.

How do I get my profile removed from Cherry Blossoms?

We understand that there are reasons why someone might want to have their profile removed from Cherry Blossoms – hopefully, they have found someone and do not want to be shown as still interested in dating others. Our Support Team will remove a person’s profile promptly if this is requested. Having your profile taken off is not the same as ending a subscription period. If you are signed up for an agreed period, we will advise you on your options. If you want to remove a profile and end a membership, you should clarify this to our Support Team.

I’m concerned about the conduct of a user on the site. What should I do?

Please keep a copy of what was said or shown that caused you this concern and then Report them using our online software. Please copy and paste your conversation with the suspected scammer, and submit it by clicking the REPORT button. Please always include the proof for our records since they can say, “No, I did not do that.”

Do not hesitate to report anyone you feel is offensive or threatening. Please know that most women in the Philippines have not worked in over a year and may be short on “load” to do a video cam with you. With that being said, we are not saying to help them, but try to feel for the difference when reporting if someone is short on load or a serial scammer.